Physicians Reimbursement Management will allow you and your office staff to focus on your patients and providing them the best medical care you can provide; all the while, increasing your revenue by eliminating high overhead costs. Our goal is to have more money in YOUR pocket at the end of the month.


Because our fees are percentage based we work harder so both of us are profitable. Our billing system is web based which reduces our overhead cost, and this allows us to have lower charge percentages, providing you with greater savings.


If you are a new Physician, starting a new practice, or breaking away from a group into a solo practice, let us help you. While many billing services shy away from new practices, Physicians Reimbursement Management will not. I believe in building strong long-term relationships, and I am willing to take the time and effort necessary to help your new practice thru all phases of start-up.


There are no up-front cost for clean-slate accounts, no sales representatives, only billers that have your best interest in mind. Since we are a small home-based billing service, you will receive focused, personalized attention to your accounts, which is backed by 15+ years experience.

Physicians Reimbursement Management


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